How to know you’ve Hired the Right SEO Company?

SEO-ServiceThere are a few good SEO companies out there, one of which is of which I could say that I’ve had a good experience. I hope you are working with the best. Here are some tips to assist you to know that you’ve hired the right SEO company.
1. They have deliverables

The right SEO Company will show you what they will do for you. They might be unable to show you first page outcomes; however, they will provide evidence of the things they have already done.

For instance, they might show you things such as; an audit of your link profile, content, homepage or site, which comprises action points, or Fresh content for your pages or varies to the existing content, or a monthly or weekly report, showing the work they have done and the site ranks.

SEO companies can’t enhance the rankings; however, they can do things. If the SEO Company can show you what they are exactly doing, then that is a sign of a right SEO company.
2. They have recommendations for enhancement

SEO_Link_WheelThe SEO Company will help you if you are helping them. If it recommends you to do some things, this shows that the company desires a partner relationship. When you comply with those requests, you will see the type of outcomes that you have been hoping for. Some of the things that a right SEO company might recommend include: start a blog, improve site speed, create a site map, audit your link profile, add WP plugins such as Yoast or Super Cache to improve SEO, optimize the content in all sites, add more content to the homepage, start a content marketing plan, and start social channels like LinkedIn, Google+, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
When the SEO Company makes such recommendations, the company isn’t trying to scam or up sell you. This shows that this is a right SEO company and they are intended to assist you. Some SEO companies may fire you if you don’t comply. This sounds harsh; however, it’s a sign that the company is doing the correct thing.
3. Your ranking advances

You want your ranking to improve. If the SEO Company is offering you a better rank, then you probably hired the right SEO Company.

Here are some signs of trustworthy and legitimate rank improvement:

4. Your traffic goes down, but your revenue goes up.

In other cases, you might check with your SEO Company, and subsequently, notice that your traffic is dropping. You will only worry if you see your revenue going down. It’s possible that the traffic drops, however the revenue increases. You should understand that your ultimate goal is getting the targeted traffic, not a lot of traffic. If you get less traffic, however, its good traffic then this will enhance your revenue. Good traffic comes from the right audience and long tail keywords. This type of traffic is expected to convert on your website. The outcome is you will get more revenue from just fewer visitors.

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