A Guide To Online Marketing Your Edmonton Business

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When it comes to ranking websites in Google, you need to know how to do SEO in 2016. The reason for this is because SEO is always changing and the strategies that once worked a year ago are now irrelevant. As a result, you need to keep studying and learning SEO to keep ranking your websites. So, we will now look at a few SEO tips that you can implement that will help Edmonton businesses.

Avoid Overdoing Your Website

The first tip is that you need to stop over-optimizing your websites. Google is cracking down on keyword optimization, and the best way to do SEO is to reduce your keyword usage as much as possible. So, instead of putting your main keyword in your URL, title, meta description, tags, headlines, and content, you should only put it once in the URL or title and about two times in your content. You should focus on using other related keywords or synonyms as this will increase your site’s relevance for that topic but without over-optimizing for the keyword.

keyword-optimizationAvoid Overdoing Anchor Texts

Next, you also avoid over-optimization in your anchor texts when building backlinks. Google is also cracking down on this heavily, and you need to make sure that most of your backlinks are generic as possible. This means that more than 70% of your backlinks should be worded as “click here,” “check out this website”, or the URL. You need to mix up the anchor texts as much as possible and minimize your usage of your main keyword to avoid the Penguin penalty.

Lastly, you should make sure to create websites that are relevant and have unique content that your visitors will love. This is the most important factor and will help you to get ranked and keep your rankings.

In closing, we have just covered the best tips to help you safely and efficiently do SEO for your websites.

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What’s Up, Edmonton!


We’re here to give info on what’s happening in and around Edmonton, the largest northern city in North America.  The categories we will be talking about include:


Sports teams, tell us about what’s happening for your team and we’ll highlight it here, whether it’s fundraisers or your schedule.

We will also keep up on teams that call Edmonton home, such as the Eskimos, Oilers, FC Edmonton, and the Prospects.

Places to See

West Edmonton Mall is of course the first location that comes to mind.  Others will be places like the Muttart Conservatory, the Aviation Museum, and many other locations.  We will have a listing of the events at these locations and many others.


We are here to promote local businesses!  If you are an Edmonton business and you want to let the people of the city know what’s going on with your company, or if you have tips you want to share, or any other article you’d like to publish here, let us know!  We are here for you.